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We all know that the camera is held more steadily by a manfrotto video monopod than by hand alone, and the manfrotto video monopod are completely mobile, traveling with the photographer’s movements.

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Top Rated Manfrotto Video Monopod

Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head

The 561BHDV is a compact but incredibly high 4-section aluminum fluid monopod. It is equipped with a fluid head including a long sliding plate. The ergonomic pan-bar allows smooth panning and tilting movements.

Manfrotto Video Monopod Reviews
  • “This monopod is a beast and very well made.” – Tony Reyes
  • “Monopods are important to what I do, and this one is going to improve my shots far beyond the still monopod I have been using for video.” – Danny Grizzle
  • “It allows me to do smooth fluid pans and tilts.” – bernie1r

Manfrotto 560B-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head Replaces 560B

This compact and lightweight 4-section aluminum fluid monopod includes a fluid cartridge, retractable feet and a compact quick release tilt top with angle lock knob.

Expert Advice
  • “Also when it is factory fresh the ball joint at the base can be sticky, catching up when doing pans or when dutching shots.” – J. Aaron Hager
  • “I basically only shoot video with my DSLR and was looking at this monopod as a good mobile solution.” – Dave
  • “It allows you to follow the action without shakes and lets you concentrate on zooming in an out.” – Brent D. Harris

Manfrotto 560B Fluid Video Monopod with 234RC Head (Black)

The 560B Fluid Monopod for lightweight MiniDV and HDV cameras is another world-first product from Manfrotto designed to help videographers get superior images.

Customer Reviews
  • “Very well made, designed, easy to use..” – S. MARCUM
  • “I also wanted something easy to use to take pictures of the many beautiful flowers in the Neighborhood.” – Lisa Kassner
  • “This monopod is worth every penny I paid and even when there’s room for a tripod I’m more likely to use this instead.” – Tom S.

Manfrotto 562B-1 Fluid Video Aluminum Monopod with Plate

The 562B-1 is a compact and high 4-section aluminum fluid monopod equipped with a 357PLV sliding camera plate adapter to adjust the camera’s center of balance.

Consumer Guide
  • “For run and gun shooting, I much prefer this to a shoulder rig because it’s steadier and much less tiresome.” – Shane Harder
  • “Yes I would recommend this product.” – Trish
  • “It’s sturdy and operates with ease.” – T-Roy

Manfrotto 790B Modo Photo-Video Monopod

Are you tired of taking blurry pictures but find carrying a tripod around too heavy or bulky? Then get a Modo Monopod. It has the convenience of a tripod but is a light 0.

Product Ratings
  • “Besides it’s a Manfrotto and well represents the quality level you’d expect.” – Hawk-eye
  • “The unit is very well made and easy to use.” – David A. Lohr
  • “I’ll have to save up my money and get a higher quality monopod later.” – John D. Locklair

Manfrotto MM394 Large Photo-Video Monopod

The MM394 is a compact and easy-to-use monopod belonging to the 390 family. Ideal for both photo and video applications, it is crafted with high quality aluminum to ensure maximum durability for a creative and enjoyable shooting experience.

Consumer Reports
  • “Overall the unit feels quite strong and is very light weight.” – Patrick A Thompson
  • “Great build and it’s affordable!” – Hien Nguyen
  • “Manfrotto is a great brand name in monopods and tripods.” – Robert Courtemanche

Manfrotto MMC3-01 Compact 5 Section Aluminum Monopod for Cameras (Black)

The Compact Monopod is the ideal support for traveling and is suitable for both Photo and Video recording. Usable in any situation – particularly when space is limited amongst a crowd of people – it eliminates shaking from your videos and helps you support your equipment for long periods of time so you can relax.

Customer Reviews
  • “All manfroto products are quality well built products.” – Michael
  • “It’s very light weight but sturdy.” – Thingy
  • “Small and compact – fits easily into backpack.” – C. Lee

Manfrotto 559B Video Monopod w/RC2 Rapid Connect Plate System

Four section video monopod featuring, quick action leg locks, rubber grip, wrist strap, suction cup foot and touch and go 323 camera plate adapter. Ideal to support small and very compact MINI DV camcorders.

Manfrotto 557B Video Monopod w/ 3273 Sliding Rapid-Connect Plate System

Manfrotto has applied their exceptionally fast, quick-action leg lock technology to the 557B Pro Video Monopod. The 557B is designed for payloads up to 26.

Manfrotto 559B-1 Digital Video Monopod with Quick Release, Replaces 559B

This 4 section monopod is the perfect choice for video and still photography alike. When a tripod is not convenient a monopod helps give the stability needed for better videography and photography.

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